framian /ˈfɹeɪmɪən/ v.
1. prepare, shape, make progress

2. perform, execute, commit

3. to profit, be helpful, be useful

Hello world. We are a software and design consultancy guiding forward-thinking businesses and organizations in their journey to build first class digital products and experiences. 

We bring you our expertise of web development, research, product and service design combined with a hands-on experience of building new businesses.

Start with an idea and finish with tangible results.

Challenges we have solved

Gamified exercising for increased well-being

How to build a web app to boost user engagement?


“When you are outsourcing a business-critical part of product development, it all comes down to trust. We have been able to trust the expertise and skills of Framian and now consider them as an extended part of our Rehaboo! family. This is just a beginning in our - hopefully long - journey together”

Peter Green
CEO, Rehaboo!

Challenges that were a privilege to solve

Fueling Tampere Smart City Ecosystem

Helping Smart City Ecosystem bloom with first-class digital tools

City of Tampere

Boosting active lifestyle with novel exercise games

Exercising and rehabilitation has never been more rewarding

Rehaboo logo

Smooth preview service for journalists

Bringing the newest entertainment for the media before anyone else

FOX logo

Your business?

Let’s solve your next challenge together!

What we do in the shadows

We help you to identify and solve business-critical problems with our dedicated toolkit and experienced team. Our goal is to create digital products and services that drive real value for your business and clients. 


Identify and develop ideas worth of pursuing



Design and develop new concepts that drive growth



Develop a pilot for testing and getting feedback from real users



Maximize the features that add the most value

Attitude is no substitute for competence

We leverage our knowledge of the latest web technologies to build the platform you need. Whether you are looking for to build your first prototype or to add a new feature to an existing product, we got you covered. 

Progressive Web App

Bring your product to market faster

Pilot Business

Use our Pilot Business Sprint to design and pilot new services

Headless Web

Make your website your strongest digital asset

Handshake protocols

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Introduction to Headless CMS: Pros, Cons, and Why choose it

The most recent content management system dominating today's marketplace, unrolled to boost your multi-channel digital strategy.


Importance of Design Sprints and Prototyping Digital Ideas

The Design Sprint is the latest development that enables clients and design companies to create prototype ideas in half the time it should have taken initially.


Single Page Applications and Why Should You Choose Them?

SPA's are catching up fast among website users for their fluid experience.


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