We help you to identify and solve business-critical problems with our dedicated toolkit and experienced team. Our goal is to create digital products and services that drive real value for your business and clients. 


Building a successful product starts with finding the right challenge to solve. Great ideas can come in many forms and sometimes even in disguise. 

The most interesting problems are often hidden ones. It takes determination and courage to start digging into those.  

An idea or an observation is a good start, but not always enough.

We help you to generate multiple ideas and choose the one that will lead you to a path of growth.

What we offer

  • Facilitated ideation with our ideation toolkit
  • Results and reporting to summarize the most promising ideas
  • Idea selection and development


What counts as an innovation? Do you think you have one in your hands?

We help you crystallize your idea into a well-defined concept that you can present to your investors, test users and other interested parties. 

You can also test your pre-existing product idea with us and move on with more confidence.

Gain valuable insight whether your product is what the users need.

What we offer

  • Initial meeting to discuss your needs
  • Workshop to outline the challenge and finding the ways to solve it
  • Set of concepts that answer your challenge
  • Tools to move on to testing your concept in the market


Done is better than perfect 

The most important part of any new venture is finding the right product-market-fit. 

Beating around the bush does not help, you need to get your product in the hands of real users as soon as possible. Build your first minimum viable product with confidence.

What we offer

  • Coding your MVP according to the latest industry standards
  • Building your product as a web application before launching it as a native app
  • Help with prioritizing and deciding which features bring the most value
  • Future-proofing your MVP so that next development stages are less painful
  • Gathering and analyzing user feedback


Congratulations! You have launched a successful product and are ready to take it to the next level.

The next steps are equally critical on your product’s journey to lasting success. Next up: introducing new features and learning about users' feedback.

What we offer:

  • Software development according to our sprint model
  • Product owner as a service: we coach you with product development and prioritization of new features
  • Combined understanding of software and business development: helping you to focus on the most value-adding features

This is how we do it

Research and foresight. It all starts from research. We are adept at using different research and foresight methods.

Design. Our view of design is holistic. Be it service design or UX design, you can be sure we'll strive for a stellar customer experience.

Web development. We specialize in web applications and headless-development, but are not limited to those. 

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