Building a web app to boost user engagement

Rehaboo! is a novel exercise game for increased physical activity and better rehabilitation.

Our workflow


To build a web app to increase user engagement and motivation to play Rehaboo!’s exercise game regularly.

Rehaboo!’s own development team was busy with game development and had less experience developing web applications and Django backend.


Building and designing a progressive web app together with Rehaboo!’s in-house development team.

The web app allows tracking personal scores and shows them on a leaderboard. Displaying scores from different locations on the same leaderboard lets players to challenge colleagues and friends from other locations.

The app keeps track of personal progress and motivates the user to include 10-15 minutes of regular exercise into their daily routine.


Powered by the new app, Rehaboo! is now starting its expansion to new cities and countries. The company is better prepared to scale up its operations and bring its empowering and measurable exercise games to workplaces, nursing homes and hospitals alike.


“When you are outsourcing a business-critical part of product development, it all comes down to trust. We have been able to trust the expertise and skills of Framian and now consider them as an extended part of our Rehaboo! family. This is just a beginning in our - hopefully long - journey together”

Peter Gréen
CEO Rehaboo!

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